Hepatitis A  Vaccines

" I don't know if I ever got any hepatitis shots." "I'm going to Mexico do I need any shots?" " My daughter got hepatitis A vaccine. Why didn't I get it?" " I got 1 dose years ago, do I need to start the series over?" Are you an NP or RN who needs answers to these questions? Meet Megan, Hannah and Joe. Their stories will help you understand what you need to know about hepatitis A vaccine for adults in your practice. Pertinent for RNs and NPs in all work sites.  Ready?

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Program Contents

1 CE (includes 1 hr of  pharmacology content). This continuing nursing education activity was approved by the Alabama State Nurses Association, an accredited aprover by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

Module 1

Your handout that can be your reference tool when you are done.

Module 2

The video program. About 35 minutes. Watch on any device.

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Your post test to measure your  progress.

Module 4

Your evaluation. When done you will receive your CE Certificate.

Nancy Dirubbo, DNP, FNP, FAANP

Certificate in Travel Health

Tenacious, curious, kind. Lifelong learner, writer, disruptor, innovator. PCP, lecturer, artist, kayaker, cook. Volunteer, talker, avid traveler, cat lover, nurse entrepreneur, photographer, leader, and sometimes follower. FNP since 1978. Published nationally and internationally. Contributing author 4 text books. Founded  Laconia Women's Health Center, her practice from 1985-2015. Founded Travel Health of NH in 2008 and Beacon Continuing Education in 2015.  More lectures than we can count.


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