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Why I get flu shots every year.

I saw this recently on social media and realized this is why I get a flu shot every year. I actually started in 1976 because in 1975 I was an RN working in an ICU in Boston and I got the swine flu, along with half our ICU staff. I was so sick and miserable. But the real problem was, I was working in a very specialized ICU, a pediatric orthopedic ICU. Nobody wanted to float to our ICU. Every try to rotate a patient on a Stryker frame who is also  intubated on a respirator, with multiple IV's, central line and Foley catheter? It was so difficult for the staff who didn't get the flu and frankly, I felt guilty and pressured to come back to work sooner than I should have.

I've heard all the reasons people don't get flu shots, even health professionals. And I try very hard to connect with my patients and colleagues and say we are all on the same side here, we want to prevent flu morbidity and mortality. And I can give them chapter and verse about evidence based practice but what...

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