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Preparing the Older Adult for International Travel

Did you know that the majority of all travelers are over age 55?  I am seeing more and more people 85 and over taking trips to China, India and many other locales far away. Many of those I see are quite fit and healthy. Some, not so much...

I work in a travel clinic , so  I am  often seeing these patients for the first time. But if you work in primary care, the older traveler will likely be well known to you. Whether you provide full pretravel care or not, you play an important role in keeping your patient safe and healthy when they travel.

1. Make sure their routine adult immunizations are up to date, especially flu vaccines.

  2. Be sure their chronic health problems aren't just stable but optimized. The stress physically and mentally of travel pose unique effects on many chronic diseases.

 3.  Make sure they have a med list, a problem list and travel health insurance with emergency evacuation for care if needed abroad.

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