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New Infectious Diseases - This Time It's Coronavirus.

New and re-emerging infectious diseases are not uncommon. The latest coronavirus from China has gotten lots of attention very quickly. I'm in New Hampshire where we are awaiting lab confirmation of 2 suspected cases. Will your community be next?

It is important that we deal with facts and not fears. This isn't easy as the story unfolds and new information contradicts the information we saw in the media two days ago. So, as clinicians how do we deal with this?

1. Get up to date, accurate information-  Everything you need is right here. Go to the CDC often for updates.

2. Be sure that you ask about recent travel for every patient with a fever or flu like symptoms you see, always.  (Hint- You should be doing this anyways).

3. Use proper precautions to prevent spread of all infectious diseases. Sick? Stay home. Tell your patients this. Your child has a fever? Stay home from school, social events and sports...

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