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CE Trips Abroad to Broaden Your Horizons

Are you curious?  I am. I think it makes me a better NP.  I am curious about  how health care works in other countries and  how they utilize NP's.  The last trip I organized was to Cuba and this Fall I am leading another group. I can't tell you where yet, it isn't finalized but I can tempt you a bit.

The country we will visit is highly rated by the W.H.O. in terms of quality of health care they deliver. They are rated way above the US. The NP role  there is well established. Culturally,  they are very different than the US and they have great food, culture, art, architecture and a rich history....

Want to join us? It will involve learning in a variety of ways - some online ahead of travel, a panel discussion with their NPs and a networking session after, visits to health care facilities, lectures, visit to a college of nursing and much more... If you are a DNP student, this could earn you scholarly hours for cultural immersion. (Ask me for more...

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