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Helping Kids Breathe Easier

Ryan is sitting it out on the side lines. It’s a bit chilly and he’s been coughing all morning and now he doesn’t have the energy to play. Ashley’s parents just got divorced and her Dad bought her a puppy at his house and her mother if furious. Brian’s mom just lost her job and is changing insurance again and she isn’t sure his asthma meds will be covered.

These are the everyday situations that pediatric patients and their families are dealing with when it comes to asthma. These are the challenges that can make or break an asthma plan that NPs have to work with to keep their patients in school, in the game and out of the ED.

To help make you and your patients with asthma breath easier, you need to be up to date with the latest evidence based guidelines for asthma management in the out patient setting and you need help to develop effective strategies to cope with the everyday effects of this disease. Learn which meds to start when and how a...

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