Advanced Practice Nursing in the Netherlands

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Why the Netherlands?

I have traveled to many low resource countries and observed the challenges they face delivering health care. Cuba held a fascination for me as it has many of the W.H.O. health outcome scores equal to or better than us. And they spend a fraction of the money we do. 

Looking at top W.H.O.  performers, at first glance it may be easy to say that the Netherlands ranks third because of its size and economy. But that's not the real story.

This is a country that has more bicycles than people and has very different attitudes and beliefs about nutrition, physical activity, sex, drugs, and death and dying than we do. How do these beliefs affect health care policy? What can we learn from them? Join me, and let's find out.

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Nancy Dirubbo, DNP, FNP, FAANP

Program Contents

This activity is approved for 26 contact hours by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. It will consist of online lecture, a journal club and in country lectures, facility visits and networking opportunities with our Dutch APN colleagues.

Online Program

An online program will focus on global health, travel health and intercultural nursing to be completed at your leisure before departure.

Journal Club

Choose  2 articles from a bibliography on topics on health care in Holland to read. Present a 10 minute synopsis to the group. 

Professional Program

Lectures by leading Dutch APNs. Visit college of nursing, paliative/hospice facility, Hogeweyk- a village for pts with dementia & much more.

Cultural Activities

Visit Ann Frank House, Van Gough Museum, take a walking tour of Old Amsterdam, canal cruise and day trip to Bruges, Belgium.


At the completion of this program the participant will:

  1. Define, compare and contrast the concepts of global nursing, travel health and intercultural nursing
  2. Describe how the health care system in the Netherlands is structured
  3. Explain the role and scope of practice of the advanced practice nurses in the Netherlands
  4. Compare and contrast the challenges APN face in both the U.S. and the Netherlands in the context of society, culture and politics
  5. Describe how care for ageing populations is provided in the Netherlands as community based care and residential care including palliative and hospice care
  6. Compare and contrast APN educational preparation between the Netherlands and the U.S.
  7. Discuss the role of culture, art and history in the development of health care policy

What's included

  • International air from Boston
  • 4 star hotel with single supplement option
  • All transportation listed in itinerary
  • Group transfer from airport
  • All CE activities
  • All cultural activities listed
  • Local English speaking guide
  • Meals listed and most tips



Group Leader




has led nursing groups to the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Cuba, and now is exploring the Netherlands. She believes that professional continuing education should be more than slide after slide in a conference room, that we can best learn seeing, feeling, exploring and questioning and growth happens from new experiences and exposures. Join her and a small group of colleagues on this amazing journey.


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